Hotel industry should place yourself into shoes of customers and write a complaint letter to a chosen service firm
3.The complaint letter written to the chosen service firm should request a response from the organization and should provide appropriate contact information including a mailing address, e-mail address, phone number (if appropriate), and any other relevant information, to give the service firms a chance to respond within a period of two weeks
4.The complaint scenario could be your past or present experience or an experience related to you by your family or friends. Care should be taken to include all pertinent information (dates of service, names, etc.) as well as a description of the poor experience and, if appropriate, a suggested course of action the company could take to appropriately “recover” in this situation. That is, the resolution being sought from the company should be clear (the complaint letter should not exceed one-and-half pages and it come in the Appendix section of the assignment paper).
5.use a minimum of 15 references from various sources, out of which 8 references should be peer reviewed journal articles.

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