Hospitality industry related

This subject enables you to follow any thoughts and ideas that you may have from your industry placement or from the previous subject of study.(hospitality industry related)
The overriding objective of completing a research project is to allow you to evaluate and experience both the theory and practice of research within the wider management context and be able to discuss issues that affect the contemporary workplace. Additionally it gives you the student an opportunity to demonstrate the core attributes of written communication, information literacy, logic and critical analysis.
Your task is to undertake a small-scale, empirical research study and the topic will need to be approved by your lecturer. You will need to conduct both primary and secondary research to address a problem or issue of investigation. You need to demonstrate research skill and formulate a well-written, academically rigorous report. Apply research concepts, theories, and frameworks and explain each clearly with substantial support from secondary sources. There are two components of this research: 1) Written research project (80%), and 2) Formal research Proposal (20%).

Need to be completed:
1. Project milestones and timeline
2. Project Research proposal –maximum 3000words (see outline, requirements and marking criteria)
3. Appendix of project proposal (Gantt chart and consent form)
4. Week2 workbook
5. Week4 workbook
6. Written research project-thesis-6000words (see outline, requirements and marking criteria)
please see all the attached files for examples and some important theories…and also the workbook.
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