Homework Assignment

Homework Assignment
Complete this homework assignment individually as a typed MS Word document. Some questions may require calculations / graphical displays from Minitab for this and future assignments. Please copy and paste the needed items from your Minitab work into Word and add the appropriate annotations / comments as required.
Minitab is available on most lab computers. Tutors are available in the OSS 434 computer lab on a daily basis. St Thomas students can also download a copy from the ITR website:
Data Files:
A reminder that you can download a zipped folder that contains all data files for all problems in the textbook. It’s located in Blackboard under Course Documents.

Questions to Complete:
Chapter 7
Questions 16, 18, 22, 30, 42, 52, 54, 64 and 76
Chapter 8
Questions 30, 34, 36

Once completed with your work, be sure to place your name on the first page and save your MS word document. Upload the completed file into Blackboard.
*** If you encounter technical difficulties uploading your file, bring a printed copy of your assignment to class.



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