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Clinical case( HIV ):
Mr CR is a 28 years old man who lives on his own and is employed as a solicitor. he has no significant past medical history, is normally fit and well, and he does not take any regular medications. he has been admitted with dyspnoea and a dry, non-productive cough that has progressively worsened over the last 3 weeks. He has seen his GP who has prescribed short course of amxicillin and clarithyromicine, though he has shown no improvement. He has no known allergies. On admission his chest X-ray is atypical and further investigation confirm a diagnosis of Pneumocystis Pneumonia (PCP). His PaO2 is 9.1kPa and he is started on 1st line PCP treatment base on his body weight of 64kg. Consent is taken for an HIV test which is found to be positive, with a viral load of 120,000 copies/mL and a CD4 count of 75cells/ µL.

I would like to do this case study and to answer this case and include the following:
• clarifying the concept—> avoid confusion or misunderstanding.
• defining the problem and analysis the problem in case study.
• cover all the pharmaceutical care that is related to case study.
• All dose calculated according the weight of patient e.g. 14mg/kg which is for example 140 mg.
• recommendations justified and referenced with high quality source of information, e.g.
so please all references are articles and at least 10 clinical trial.
• number of reference at least is 25 reference + at least 10 clinical trial that link to this case.
• the style of reference is Harvard style.
• structure: essay should be well written with no spelling mistake also consider to use of subheading where appropriate. A short introduction and conclusion may be helpful, Do not add methodology section as this report.
• The report must seek to answer a specific question therefore detailed evaluation of relevant literature must be included. Higher marks will be awarded for critical writing (rather than descriptive).
• the total number of ward is 2500.
• l want to have 1st standard as i need to get a high grade in this report so i want guarantee from you that the report will not marked less than 70 from 100.
• so the report should be done by pharmacologist NOT researcher???
• also in case if the writer not do as i want, i have the right to ask him/her to change many time without charge.

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