hispanic and latino Americans- Cuban Heritage Essay Dissertation Help

hispanic and latino Americans- Cuban Heritage
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one cultural group and one socio-cultural group from the list provided below. (APA style)
Preparation for the presentation will include synthesizing the information from assigned readings, the scientific literature, Internet resources, and other sources. Students will provide a minimum
of 5 references.
The presentation will address the following:
• A brief history of the cultural/socio-cultural group
• Values
• Worldview
• Language and communication patterns
• Art and other expressive forms
• Norms and rules
• Lifestyle characteristics
• Relationship patterns
• Common rituals
• Degree of assimilation or marginalization from mainstream society
• Health behaviors and practices.

The presentation must include a comparative and contrast analysis of common characteristics and distinguishing traits between the cultural group and the socio-cultural group. As well as a brief
explanation of differential approaches needed by health care professionals.
Grades will also be based on overall quality of the professional presentation including handouts and references.
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