Hinterland Logistics and Transport Modes

Hinterland Logistics and Transport Modes

Paper details:
1. How would you characterize the different transportation modes based on operations and cost structures?
a. Costs; fixed (investments), variable
b. Labor
c. Flexibility

2. Which modes have high and low service components (Table 5.1). What are the limiting factors?

3. Why are emissions reductions important with respect to hinterland logistics? What types of emissions are generated in hinterland logistics and what are the impacts? What actions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate emissions to create sustainable, ‘green’ hinterland logistics?

4. Explain the components of the Hinterland Logistics Systems (fig. 5.4). Why is this a useful model?

5. What do you take away from the Scandinavian Rail-port System case study?

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