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Question One: Comparing the original 1989 film and 2017 musical. Why retell the story now? Does the musical in the 2010s have the same impact and relevance as the original in the 1980s? Is it in fact more relevant and impactful?
Question Two: We provided an article discussing the Netflix series 13 Reasons. Compare and contrast how Heathers, both the film and the musical, and 13 Reasons handle and depict teenage suicide.
Question Three: Heathers was released in the 1980s. Given the numerous tragedies since such as Columbine, the Oklahoma City Bombing and Sandyhook, would you consider the film inappropriate? Could it have been made and released today?
Question Four: The film Heathers brings attention to serious issues such as bullying, teenage suicide and murder through comedy. We have provided an article, ‘Heathers: An Oral History’ that discusses these themes. In your opinion, where should satire and dark comedy draw the line between talking about serious issues in a comedic manner, and making light of traumatic and tragic themes?
Question Five: We have provided an article ‘Everything Millennials Need to Know About Heathers’. Do you believe that different generations react differently to certain genres, themes and events? Are films such as Heathers insensitive products of their times, or are millennials too sensitive in regards to the arts?
Question Six: In both the film and musical versions of Heathers, Veronica and JD both commit murder. Why then is Veronica depicted as the hero who gets a happy ending, and JD depicted as the villain who is punished for his crimes?
Question Seven: In the musical version of Heathers, two characters from the film, Martha Dunstock and Betty Finn are combined into a single role. Why do you think that the adapters of the play made this decision? In your opinion was this an improvement to the story, or do you prefer the two characters remain separate as in the film?
Question Eight: How does musical theatre change the emotional connection between the audience and the story? Does the use of music change our perception of certain characters? Does seeing the story with live actors influence the emotional connection?
Question Nine: In the film, Veronica was already a part of the popular cliché. In the musical, this is not the case. How does this change both the story and Veronica as a character?
Question Ten: Which version of Heathers did you prefer? The film or the musical? Which had a deeper impact? Which did you find more entertaining? Note: ‘Neither’ is not an acceptable answer.

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