Health Care Systems

Health Care Systems
Perspective is a powerful tool. A serious issue for you might seem inconsequential to someone else, while problems you never thought possible are an everyday occurrence elsewhere in the world. In health care, this personal reflection can expand fluidly as you travel outside the region in which you live.

Different parts of the world come with different problems, and it is easy to become complacent and lose sight of that fact. As such, different approaches are often needed to ensure essential services. But how do public health systems address the need for essential services? Activity, you will discuss regionally based challenges . You will also discuss organisational aspects of public health care systems.

To complete this Activity:
Create a discussion post in which you address the following:

◾Describe the definition of a public health system: What primary functions does a public health system perform? In order to reflect prevention, treatment and care, which organisations could be included in the system and why?
◾Evaluate a public health system in your region: How effectively does it address its public health goals? What appears to be the overall balance of investment across preventative care and treatment services?
◾post should address the following:
◦Identify commonalities or differences between the public health system you described and other
Readings Required :
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◾Chapters 5 and 6
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◾Chapter 12 (pp. 615-648)

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