Health Care Economics

Please choose an article that you would like to use. Let me see it first to approve it then you can use it. The article has to be economics foundation of the health care issues or problems. Please follow below instructions step by step. Each guideline listed below has to be addressed. The article must be published within 5 years.
Article Review Guidelines
1. The review should be a high-quality and appropriate for graduate level students. Use APA style with 10 – 12 inch font and double spaced. Minimum/ maximum length of the review: 1000/1500 words.
2. The purpose of this assignment is for students to explain the economics foundation of the health care issues or problems described in the articles.
3. Pick an article in one particular topic that should be currently important. The article should be a refereed journal article or high quality conference proceedings that published within the last 5 years. Please consult with your professor if you have any doubt in your choice of topic and articles.
4. Write a review that summarize the following:
• What you intended to review and the reason why you selected the particular paper to review
• Summarize the underlying health care issues or problems, purpose and significance of the paper
• Explain how economics is related to the chosen topic and what economic key principles are applicable
• Express your opinion about the contribution and limitation of the papers
• Conclude your review with recommendation to the issues or problems
Article Review Rubric
Organization, Writing Quality, Adherence to Guidelines
(7.5 points) Presents information in logical, interesting and easy to follow
Minimum errors in spelling, grammars, and citation.
(5 points)
All main ideas and facts from the article are summarized thoroughly.
(7.5 points)
Personal comments are clearly stated. Student clearly demonstrates a strong working knowledge of class material relative to the article. References are made to the textbook.

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