Health and Illness in a Specific Cultural or Ethnic Population

Health and Illness in a Specific Cultural or Ethnic Population

Paper details:
In this Capstone assignment design a presentation that provides a thorough exploration of the Hispanic cultural/ ethnic population.
The presentation must include all of the following about the population:
• The Background
• Traditional Definitions of Health and Illness
• Traditional Methods of Healing
• Current US Demographics utilizing the US Census 2010
• Current Health Care Disparities utilizing Healthy People 2020
• Role of Poverty
• Resources for Population
• Issues, practices, rituals, patterns of communication, beliefs, and/or attitudes affecting health
• Specific cultural elements that viewed as problematic from a health perspective
• Specific, action-oriented plan for promoting change to improve health
• Presentation must have at least five references, including three from a library database and contain 15-20 PPT Slides (may use alternative delivery methods such as Prezi, Camtasia, Podcasts) utilizing APA format and must include notes and an outline. Must meet all the following criteria: 1. Exceeds established criteria; 2. Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts; 3. Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts,;4. Use proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling. Must include a cover and reference slide page. References must be in alphabetical order.

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