Habits and Self and Unit Review

Habits and Self and Unit Review
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there are two parts in this assignment . the first part is just general questions about habits I will upload to you the questions with second part …
the second part which is really important is the Unit Review…there are some questions about the unit and what you have learnt … I will upload to you all the stuff about the unit and you just need to write about it

please answer each question separately … just write the number of the question next to each answer so you have more space
Review your notes from weeks 1-9 to answer the following questions:
1. Why are habits important?
2. What key principles should we keep in mind when changing our habits?
3. Select one new habit that you will retain at the end of this course. Assuming you are successful in continuing this habit, what will the impact be for you?

4. How has the unit compared with your expectations in week 1? What have you learned? (Consider both ‘technical’ knowledge regarding the unit material and ‘non-technical’ knowledge such as presentation and writing skills).
5. What were the aspects you found most useful and least useful in the unit? (e.g. particular topics, lectures, textbook chapters, readings and assignments)
6. What recommendations would you make for the unit going forward? (Please provide at least one specific recommendation).

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