“With reference to the literature in this area discuss the key factors line managers need to consider when recruiting and selecting a member of staff”

1. Design a structure for your answer
a. Basic Essay structure? Ie. Introduction-Body-Conclusion
b. Business Report structure? Ie. Executive Summary, followed by elaboration of each point in the Summary
c. Academic Report structure? Ie. Abstract, Identification of Problems/Questions, Theories that are relevant, What other writers have done on the same/similar topic (Literature Review), What methods have YOU used to search for information for this report, What have you found, What does it all mean?

2. Borrow some ideas and literature from your Group Presentation , saying why these are pertinent to your assignment.
3. Add your own ideas and literature, again explaining their relevance, and citing their sources.
4. Be attentive to proper Harvard-style citation and referencing of all cited works.

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