Guidance for the Term Paper

Guidance for the Term Paper
? Instructions: I would expect an essay which consists of approximately 2500
words, but there is no automatic penalty for shorter essay and no automatic
reward for longer ones. The quality of the essay is what counts!
? Topics: You can choose a country that had a crisis in the past1 and try to analyze
the following:
1. Why did the crisis start?
2. What were the consequences in the economy?
3. How long was the duration of the crisis?
4. Try to analyze how the economy was before the crisis begins.
5. Try to propose alternatives that may be useful to avoid a similar
6. Of course you can always extend these ideas. The approach that you will
follow is always up to you.
? Remember the first deadline is fast approaching (Oct 1).
1 Check this link, if you want to get more ideas
crisis#History. Moreover, you can always pick a topic that is mentioned on the syllabus.

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