Group Process Report:on,Student support group or Existential Therapy Group or Work Place Group

Group Process Report:on,Student support group or Existential Therapy Group or Work Place Group

View the following videos of a group work scenarios at the attached links:
1. Student support group:
2. Existential Therapy Group:
3. Work Place Group:
Select ONE of the above group work videos.
Individually prepare a short process report about this group.
The report should describe the group and overview its purpose, the stage it is at, the dynamics between participants, the role, tasks and strategies of the leader and your view of the group’s effectiveness.

Group Process Report – Template

This is a ‘report’ not and ‘essay’ – so you need to organise the report using the following headings as a guide. You do not need an introduction or conclusion.

Please Use the following Headings to Organise Your Group Process Report

• Name of Group: (if it is not clear in the video, please make up an appropriate name for the group)

• Purpose of Group: (why does this group exist? What might its aims be? you will need to determine this through watching the video)

• Type of Group: (task or treatment group? What kind of task or treatment group?)

• Description of Group (number of members, male/female, approximate ages, location etc)

• Length of Observed Group Interaction: (how long is the video – how long did you observe the group for)

Brief General Description of what is occurring: (What happens in the video? )

• Estimated stage of group: (link to group work theory – do you think the group at a beginning, middle or end stage in its life – why?)

• Group Dynamics: (analyse the dynamics that you see. For exmaple – what role are the members playing, who talks the most, who is quite, why might that be?, what leadership types are you seeing? – link to group work theory)

• Strategies and Techniques: (What group work techniuqes and strategies do you think the leader is using? Why? Linking to group work theory)

• Your assessment of the groups effectives: (What do you think of this group and how it is working? Would you do anything differently?)

The Group Process Report will be assessed according to the following criteria:

• Description of group type, purpose and composition and content. (20%)
• Critical analysis of the group dynamics, leadership style and strategies (20%)
• Demonstrated understanding of the group work stage(s) (20%)
• Integration of your own views with the literature (from the unit readings) (20%)
• Correct use of APA 6th reference system and citation of at least 5 academic references. (10%)
• Clear writing style and correct grammar and spelling. (10%)

Set Text

The following book is a required text for all students participating in this course
Toseland, R & Rivas, R. (2014) Introduction to Group Work Practice. 7th Ed. Pearson Education, MA.

Urania Glassman. (2009). Group work: A humanistic and skills building approach sage sourcebooks for the human services series 13. US: Sage Publications Inc. [This is available as an e-book]
Zastrow, C. (2012). Social work with groups: A comprehensive worktext. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.

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