Group Case Study Analysis


The company has a good presence in Australia and is now looking to expand both its retail and internet distribution networks overseas in order to continue to grow. Having already set-up branches and distribution centres in New Zealand, they believe the next phase of expansion will require them to enter more diverse and challenging environments in JAPAN in order to “GO GLOBAL”.
You are required to:
1. Perform a country research analysis for 3 of these possible markets to assess its ‘attraction’ as a possible market for global expansion.
2. Evaluate each of the markets against each other – and then make your recommendation to the company’s Board of Directors as to which one you believe will be the most beneficial – and share your reasons why.
This assignment needs to cover the following areas of the research:
-Executive Summary – with key findings and recommendations
 Brief overview of the brand and it’s existing position within the Australian market
 Over view and analysis of each of the 3 candidate markets that includes:
o Potential market size and potential for growth
o Target market and segment to be addressed in the International Market
o Nearest competition in the international markets
o Macro environmental (PESTEL), economic and financial/exchange rate influences in
that country
o Suggested marketing mix comparison in the new country (price, product, place,
o Manufacturing and sourcing options
o Perceptual positioning map against competitors in the new country o Growth potential and some projections
 Reference Listing (presented in standard Harvard Referencing format)

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