Greenberg textbook.

Greenberg textbook.

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Please answer questions 1 and question 2 separately. DO NOT ANSWER AS A WHOLE.

Question 1–Read Chapters 11 & 12 in the Greenberg textbook.
Chapter 11

1. Integrating terminology and concepts from the text in chapter 11, describe the quality of leadership within your organization.

Chapter 12

A–Identify the factors responsible for creating organizational culture for transmitting it, and getting it to change.

B–Define organizational spirituality (this is not in the textbook; explore other sources).

C–What role if any does spirituality play in an organization.

D–Discuss the organizational spirituality within your organization.

Question 2—Global Motivation
From a global perspective, give examples where your accepted/familiar way of motivation may work in one culture but not in another culture?

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