“Great Tradition in Ethics.” Please find a writer who has this book. Essay Dissertation Help

“Great Tradition in Ethics.” Please find a writer who has this book.
Answer three of the four questions, 2 pages each 1.5 type.
1.Discuss Aristotle’s notion of happiness in reference to the development of Moral Character and contrast with Aquinas’s on happiness.. Explain and critically examine the views on this topic giving arguments to support your view.

2. Kant and Mills offer two different approaches to morality (deontological and utilitarian. Explain and contrast their views ie Good Will and Duty vs. Utility.. Choose one to defend over the other, giving arguments to support your choice.

3. Choose a moral problem that arises in one of the films shown in the class. Explain this moral issue and show how one of the three views: Aristotle’s, Kant’s, and Utilitarian would address the problem. Those are the films name “Talk to Her,”“Crimes and Misdemeanors,” “Man for All Seasons,”“Hotel Rwanda”, or “All the King’s Men.”

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