Great Political Debates

Great Political Debates

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Economy versus society?

• The topic must relate to a great political debate. If necessary you will have to justify why it is a great political debate. The purpose of only focusing on great debates, is to show your skills in researching and analysing truly complex, difficult and historically significant policy and political dilemmas.

• Avoid simply describing the debate / policy issue. You need to both research and analyse the problem. Identify and frame the question at the heart of the debate or issue, in a way that exposes and leads you to mount an argument (answer) regarding what is needed to better address or solve the issues at the heart of the debate.

• The topic (i.e. subject matter) of the problem may be different from the policy or political issues which are central to why it is a problem. E.g. climate change is a great topic of great current debates. But the policy issues involved are many and varied: your challenge is to zero in on one or more of the key policy or political problems that are preventing better solutions to the challenges of climate change from being found or implemented.

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