Graying of America PPT Axtivity

An Introduction to Community Health by James F. Mckenzie and Robert r. Pinger-
The Graying of America Activity/Assignment Instructions
America is rapidly graying. But, what does that mean in terms of the health and wellbeing of our nation, our states, and our communities? For this assignment, you will do some exploration to help answer that question. You will review two websites that focus on some of the reasons behind the “graying of America”, and also present some of the possible impacts of our aging society.
First, read chapter 7 of your textbook for a background on our elderly population. Then, visit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Report titled “Public health and Aging: Trends in Aging — U.S. and Worldwide.” Department of Health & Human Services, Administration on Aging; Aging Statistics and peruse the information on the profile of older Americans, census data, population estimates, projected growth of the older population, minority aging, and key indicators of well- being in this population. (You will find a wealth of information on this agency’s web pages so be sure to visit other pages within the site).
To complete this assignment, synthesize the information that you have read, and summarize it into a brief series of 10 PowerPoint slides (8 content slides; 1 title slide; 1 references slide(s) designed in a bulleted point format.
1 Slide – Title slide
1 Slide – what is the Graying of America? (Introduction slide) [Note, for this presentation, you do NOT need to develop objectives]
1 Slide – what factors have led to the graying of the population?
1 Slide – aging (65+) census comparison between now and future projections (i.e., 2030 or 2050)
1 Slide – demographic (i.e., gender, race, poverty) comparisons of elder population (65+) between past and future
1 Slide – profile of older Americans
1 Slide – possible implications the aging population will have for America
1 Slide – possible implications the aging population will have for America
1 Slide – summary/conclusion
1 Slide – references
(Tip: the HSA Style Guide has an example of how to format a reference from the MMWR)
Note: The title slide and References slides count in your total slide count for this assignment.
Use of the Notes section is required for this presentation (to provide extra information that you would say if you were doing an actual presentation but remember it is for notes, not paragraphs from a paper or essay!).
Your slides must be in bulleted format and professional in appearance. The idea is for you to effectively synthesize and summarize the most important information, in your own words, from the sources that you access. Give a brief, but informative overview of the information. To do so, you will need to plan carefully, organize skillfully, and bullet your points succinctly, but clearly. Think of this as an assignment to give a content overview of the most important points that will be discussed at an upcoming workshop to students wanting to learn the most important aspects of the aging of our population.


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