Graded # 3 Federal and State Laws

Graded # 3  Federal and State Laws

1.    Select 2 laws identified in Figure 14-3, p 543 in your Roussel textbook
2.    Identify the laws selected
3.    For each law, discuss how your organization complies with the stated law (I work at veteran affairs – VA Hospital)
4.    Opportunities for improvement in how this law is enacted
5.    Include 1 additional reference that is different from your textbook that supports your discussion (Textbook listed below)

Use APA in your posting to cite any references.
Solid writing is expected with minimal grammatical/spelling errors.

Class Textbook:

Roussel, L. (2013). Management and leadership for nurse administrators. (6th ed.). Burlington, MA:  Jones & Bartlett Learning. {ISBN – 978-1-4496-1492-8}

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