Locate and carefully read at least three articles discussing and examining the relationship between the rights and responsibilities of individuals in our society. (Do not attach the articles to your post, simply link to them in your works cited page.) Identify three public policies that are designed to promote personal responsibility and three public policies designed to promote social responsibility. Explain and discuss the relationship between the rights and responsibilities of individuals in our society.
Paper Requirement
Your initial post must be a minimum of 6 paragraphs long.
— This is a minimum requirement, not a suggested length of your initial response. Minimal response length will receive a minimal score. Put some thought and effort into this post. Answer each part of the question posted above.
2. Paragraphs should be a minimum of 3 sentences long. They should be no longer than 5-6 sentences. Proofreading and spelling/grammar checking will improve your overall score. Double and triple check your post before you submit your initial post, as you will not be able to edit them afterwards.

3. Within your initial post, you must provide evidence and citations to support your opinions.
— A minimum of 2 sources are required, but again, this is the minimum required for credit. Wikipedia does not count as a source. You must use in-text citations. You should have a minimum number of quotes to address fully each questions asked. Posts that do not use in-text citations will have points deducted.

4. A works cited section, citing all of your sources in proper MLA format, must be included with your initial post. You must include a works cited even with use of in-text citations.
— Posts without a works cited page included will be deducted a large number of points.

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