Governance and communication analysis

a. Analyst Call
i. Listen to a recording of an analyst call (AKA earnings call or quarterly conference call) for your company. Listen to about 15-20 minutes of the call and write a summary of your observations, including any questions that you might have wanted to ask the CEO/CFO, etc.
b. Answer and discuss the importance of the following:
i. Who is the company’s current CEO? Is he or she also the Chair of the Board? Discuss the company’s considerations in making this decision.
ii. Who serves on the board’s Audit Committee? How many members are Financial Experts? What experience qualifies them for that designation? Do you agree with this designation? Why or why not?
iii. What was the CEO paid last year? What portion of his or her total pay was in the form of bonus? What performance measures were used to determine the CEO’s bonus?
iv. Who or what entity holds the highest percentage of the company’s stock? Are most of the beneficial owners reported individuals or institutions?
v. Is there more than one class of common stock outstanding? How many votes does each share of each class of stock get? Does any one person or entity control the voting rights at the company? If so, who?


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