(Google’s Strategy in 2013) Essay Dissertation Help

I need a help for my project
I will send you the Guidelines of the project.
First you should read the case study about Google’s Strategy in 2013, it is 14 pages I send it to you as a PDF.
You need to read the case and answer all the points that I mentioned :
These are the point :

3. External Analysis 4 pages
4. Company Situation 3 pages
5. Recommendations 2 pages
6. Appendix Financial Ratios, Industry Analysis, Five Forces Analysis, SWOT, SGM, etc.

I start the first 2 points, which they are Introduction and Strategic Issue, so you will start from number 3.
The answers should be all from the CASE STUDY (Google’s Strategy in 2013) NOTHIN from the internet, so the only reference is the case study.

Make it simple in reading, don’t use to much academic words.

The due date will be on 25-2-2017.

i had attached the Guidelines and the CASE STUDY (Google’s Strategy in 2013) that you have to read it.

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