Using relevant literature and social theory explore the impact of Globalisation on different aspects of society?

Globalisation can be seen to have had a mixed impact upon the world of sport. Using relevant literature and social theory explore the impact that this had upon different aspects of society?

essay question: Globalisation can be seen to have had a mixed impact upon the world of sport. Using relevant literature and social theory explore the impact that this had upon different aspects of society?

module aim:
Module Aims

This module will explore a range of contemporary issues within global sport and physical education contexts. Students will be enabled to develop original thoughts towards sociological theory, and apply this in the analysis of contemporary and current issues in physical education and sport. Students will critically review the cultural, environmental, political and historical backgrounds of different countries, as well as national organisations, systems and policies. Students will critically evaluate the impact of these factors on the physical and sport education systems in different countries. This module provides a strong background for individuals who intend to teach Social and Comparative Studies in A Level Physical Education or B-Tec National.

Module Content:

Comparative processes

For a variety of countries/continents the following areas will be covered:

A-Level & B-Tec Social & Comparative Issues Curriculum

Philosophical Outlooks on Sport

Perspectives on Globalisation

Sociological Perspectives & Global Sporting Cultures

Sustainability and Global Sporting Events

The Development of Global Sporting Events Partners

Internationalism and Sport

Politics, Power, and Policy In Globalised Sport and Education

Educational & Developmental Issues of Olympism

Cultural influences in sport

Useful Websites

Useful Journals

International Review for The Sociology of Sport
Sport In Society: Culture, Commerce, Media and Politics
The International Journal of Sports Policy and Politics.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students will be able to demonstrate the following:

Knowledge and Understanding
Knowledge and critical understanding of Sociological Theory and its application to Physical Education and Sport setting.
Knowledge and critical understanding of contemporary issues in Physical Education and Sport
Cognitive Skills
An ability to utilise critical thinking skills to analyse the impact of political, cultural, historical, and environmental factors on the development of Global Physical Education and Sport.
Critically reflect on international sports events and analysis of the role they play in international relations, domestic sport, and culture.
Performance & Practice
Produce a well structured and fluent essay, using academic and professional language.
Personal & Enabling Skills
Generate and refine ideas in a coherent and fluent manner
Work constructively within small groups
Referencing system Harvard (With Page Numbers)
Additional Requirements

take one or two issues and really go into depth with them.

incorporate a 2000 word section on the different perspectives of globalisation

structure: into: set the context, modernisation, process, global flows
Discuss: 1 or 2 themes for example: mega events, politics or global sport

always relate back to globalisation flows

use social theory to unpick arguments Feminism, neo-liberalism, Marxism, Functionalism , Nationalism, political ideologies

use references: maguire; 1999/2000
malcom.D.. (2008) the sage dictonary of sports studies, London:sage
aguire,J.,Jarvie, G., Mansfield. I. And Bradley, J . (2002) Sport worlds: a sociological perspective, Leeds: human kinetics, chpater 1

if you want you can debate about does globalisation lead to the homogeneralisation to hetrogeneralisation of social life across the globe, and if globalisation is caused by one specific factor> (menopausal) or is it the result of various factors in combination (multi casual)


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