Global warming and climate change


TOPIC: Choose one organisation (from the list below) that has made a significant contribution to debate on the issue of climate change and critically assess the connection between its values and interests, its advocacy positions and its use of science. To what extent do you support its views and why?

1. How do you choose an organisation? These are some of the considerations: how much material there is about this organisation and therefore how easy/hard it will be to find out its position on global warming and science. Which organisation and their values are you passionate about or familiar with?

You can always choose an organisation that is not on the list, but please consult your tutor or lecturer first to make sure it is an appropriate one.

2. Next you want to research the organisation and find out what their position is on global warming and climate change, what advocacy positions they have, where the organisation’s values are located on the values continuum we have been using throughout all the lectures, what interest does this organisation represent, and how they make use of relevant science? Do you support their views, on what basis? Critically asses the relationship between their values and their interests… do they serve a particular constituency which means their views are biased or constructed in a specific way, do they present ideas relating to climate change in a particular light because there are vested interests that compel them to do so?

If you have trouble finding enough materials or the organisation doesn’t suit this analysis you may be better off finding another organisation with lots of materials.

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