Global Perspectives on Social Issues: Race and Ethnicity & Gender and Sexuality

Global Perspectives on Social Issues: Race and Ethnicity & Gender and Sexuality

Paper # 2: this paper will deal with Unit 3 and Unit 4. This paper will include two questions and you will be required to answer BOTH questions presented, one in relation to each unit. Fifty points each question. This will be a very analytical (class-material-analysis-oriented) assignment. This paper is due Sunday, October 25, 2015 by 11:59 PM MST. Paper 2 will cover these academic units: Unit 3: Race and Ethnicity – Part I: Racism, Prejudice, and Discrimination – Part II: Patterns of Majority – Minority Interaction & Prejudice and Bigotry Approaches Read chapter 8 Sernau Unit 4: Gender and Sexuality – Part I: Introduction: Gender and Sexuality – Part II: Gender Inequality: Women the Oppressed Majority I will provide the lecture notes, the course book and more specific guidelines for this assignment.

Papers:  You are required to complete two regular research papers for this class. Please take all deadlines seriously as I do not accept late work.   This will be a very analytical (class-material-analysis-oriented) assignment.
•    I am very strict with your minimum content length requirements for all assignments.
•    Each regular research paper will be 5 – 7 pages of actual content. (If more than 7 pages, no problem, no penalty)
•    Your media reaction project must be 3 – 5 pages long. (If more than 5 pages, no problem, no penalty)
•    A brief explanation and the corresponding challenges for each paper will be posted in your “Assignments” section.
•    Your assignment sheet for each paper will be posted two weeks prior to its due date.
•    Submitting your work in an incorrect file format = no grade. (Only MS Word file format accepted)
•    The use and inclusion of class readings’ (both posted lectures and textbook) information is required.
•    There is a required Writing Guidelines handout that you can find and download in your “Announcements” or “Modules” sections.
•    Each regular research paper requires a minimum of four (4) external sources. Minimal/irrelevant/inconsequential use of a source will not be counted either. No use of external sources = no grade (automatic failure, zero points).
Please read the ENTIRE assignment sheet including the pointers and expectations sections where available (and follow them, this is your responsibility). All papers should follow APA, or MLA, or Chicago Style writing style guidelines and must include a bibliography (no bibliography = 10 pts. off). They should have one-inch margins all around, typed, double-spaced, and Times New Roman size 12 font. Please use the spell check or simply make sure that you revise your grammar since this could negatively affect your grade for any paper. Include a header, page numbers, and an academic title.
The bibliography and title page do not count as part of the assignment’s length requirement, nor does and abstract or any introductory information (i.e., name, course, main title, etc.). Every paper must have an all-inclusive introduction and a conclusion (no introduction/conclusion = 3 pts. off each, incomplete ones -2 pts. each). The only way you would not need to include a bibliography is if you properly include bibliographical footnotes throughout your work (you will not lose any points for this either, just make sure you are consistent with your writing style). Make sure that if using footnotes they are properly formatted in smaller font and at the very end of your page, do not waste space on this.
Please remember that this length requirement is highly enforced in order to challenge you to write a complete paper and to have the minimum necessary academic space to answer your assignment’s questions. Therefore, if your paper is three and a half (3 ½) pages long or less of actual content, you will unfortunately receive an automatic failing grade (F). Between 3 ¾ pages long and 4 ¾ pages long of content you will be deducted 5 to 10 points for not meeting the minimum required length.
I will be specifically grading you on these four main aspects of your work:
1-    The proper inclusion, manipulation, and application of course material when answering your chosen question(s).
2-    Your use, choice, and application of external sources.
3-    The formatting of your work (including grammatical expectations).
4-    The proper inclusion of personal insight in your answers. (This means, your reactions and opinions about the material and the questions).

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