Global lean and agile operations Academic Essay

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Global Lean and Agile Manufacturing M12MAM
Semester 2, 50% Module Mark

Learning outcome covered: (1 and 4)
1. Evaluate the current research and application of lean principles and agility strategy in manufacturing/service operations
4. Critically appraise the key attributes of agile manufacture (product, process, planning, material control).
Swift Solutions Consultancy has been working with various manufacturing and service organisations over a number of years. As part of their expansion, you have been newly employed at the Coventry branch to mainly develop the working practices within the consultancy. Smart technology (Industry 4.0) is a new area that Swift Solutions Consultancy has embarked upon. Your head office has asked you to provide a report on the areas below:

(1) Using a tabular form of presentation provide referenced examples of how ‘SMART’ technology (Industry4.0, Internet of Things) can assist agility and lean to be deployed and identify the benefits to be gained in the manufacturing/service industry.
Sample table format
Source / Reference
Key topic 1
Eg Definition
Key Topic 2
Eg Benefits

Key Topic 3
Eg Eliminates waste
Key Topic 4 etc…
Eg helps with variety
Author, date, title, publisher


3 etc

[40 Marks]

(2) Using the above literature review evaluate how Smart technology (Industry 4.0, Internet of Things) can compliment both lean principles and agility strategy to improve manufacturing/service operations.
[40 Marks]

Effort [10 Marks]
Presentation [10 Marks]

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