Global human

Global human

In order to complete this assignment, you should be aware of different Labor Laws prevalent in United Arab Emirates. Try inquiring about them if you don’t know.

1. A mentally disabled person, who cannot read, but looks physically perfect, was not hired by an organization for the position of a ‘data entry officer’. The mentally disabled person sued the organization. Who do you think will win the case and why?

2. A man with a criminal history applied for the position of a security officer. His application was rejected. Do you justify the organization or the man for this decision? Why?

3. An old man who has Parkinson’s disease applied for a position as a consultant at Old Homes. His application was rejected. Do you think it’s justified?

4. A man with a master’s degree was rejected for a position as a trailer driver. However, the man who was hired didn’t even have his high school. The company was sued. Who will win the case?

5. A pregnant woman applied for the position of ‘chemical tester’ in a pharmaceutical factory and was rejected. Can the woman claim against the Pregnancy Discrimination Act?

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