Global Challenges Impacting SME

Global Challenges Impacting SME

1) In the introduction define SME’s and provide reference to their contribution to global economic performance. State the 4 factors that will be discussed in the report (100 -200 words)

2) In the main body of the report you should provide a discussion of what is meant by international activities and how an SME’s performance could be enhanced through engaging with internationalisation. (400- 500 words)

3) Discuss each one of your factors in terms of their nature and characteristics. Provide some references in support. (200 words each , 800 words). For example, if you choose access to finance as one of your factors , you need to discuss why this is a particular issue for SMEs, what had happened in the global environment to impact on this factor , is it a factor across all SME sectors or not, is it the same in all countries ( perhaps consider factor, efficiency and innovation driven economies).

4) Evaluate the impact of the factor/challenge on the SME. You need to provide examples to illustrate the application of the impact on the SMEs performance (200 words each, 800 words). So revisiting the factor of access to finance discuss and evaluate the impact(s) e.g. it may hinder the growth of the business, their engagement in digital technologies or in exports. If this is the case then the SME may well not develop and engage in international activities , which in turn impacts the growth of the economy and job creation.

5) When using examples you should use a range of SMEs. You can use either specific SMEs e.g. Brompton Bicycles or you can use SME sectors e.g. hair and beauty, restaurant and bars. They must be sectors that are predominated by SMEs. You must not use just one case study example for the whole assignment as this does not show wider understanding. Also ensure that you are referring to SMEs and not larger organisations.

6) Ensure the conclusion summaries your key findings. Do not include any new argument here. Summaries the 4 factors and make ref to internationalization. (100-200 words)

7) Ensure you reference correctly adhering to UCB guidelines. The expectation is that you will be using academic journals, broadsheet newspapers and academic websites/SME websites to ensure that your arguments and supporting examples are contemporary.

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