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The word limit for this assignment is 1500 essay format. And then with the inclusion of the free features such as the title page, contents, layout and references/bibliography the assignment will be a complete document.

So: 1500 for assignment. The extra 150 use them aswell if needed work is max 1500 for work don’t include the 150 words to the free features as they will be done for free such as title, contents and references but the word limit for assignment is 1500 use the extra 150 words to the graphs/tables/pictures

Use diagrams/tables/graphspictures/ accordingly

On the assignment brief (uploaded this) there are two questions you only have to answer ONE, whichever is best for you to gain a high mark (all on the PowerPoint briefing I have uploaded)

I have also uploaded an example assignment the same assignment for ours, (they answered question 1) the student received 50% for that work which is NOT even a 2:1, I have uploaded that just to show how they mark it (same markers marking mine) as
I am wanting the highest mark possible (1st) as that’s what I selected. So it is there for reading to make mine to a better class and standard if you chose that question

Internet references aim for around 2-4 and then 8-10 normal references.
(Harvard referencing method)
The 2 documents I have uploaded:
1 –
PowerPoint briefing includes assignment brief with extra info has the structure guideline on their too
Document 2 –
Example assignment of past student (They received 50% I am hoping for a 1st class mark as that’s what I have selected (above 68%) so should be better class than this) It is there for extra help/reading to see what they mark on so make mine better to a first class mark!
That is it I have explained everything and uploaded the correct files which are needed. No plagiarism please wanting the best mark possible (1st) and sure I will receive it wish you luck.

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