Geometry in crystal structure

 You need to understand and explain the underlying mathematics. You should include examples, diagrams, and pictures. You should also consider the impact of mathematics on society.

 Your topic must go considerably deeper into the subject than the textbook or lectures do.

 Your research must go beyond what you can find on Wikipedia or other encyclopedic resources. You should be reading original sources (in translation if necessary).

 For education students: you might want to consider how to use history/philosophy in teaching mathematics. For science and engineering students: you might want to consider the history of mathematics used in a particular scientific application. *****I’m an education + science student******

 Your project can either be a survey of a topic or an argument for a particular point of view. Please make sure you are clear in your own mind on which you are doing.

 For this unit, mathematics includes pure and applied mathematics, mathematical physics, probability and statistics, logic, mathematical computer science, and all applications of these fields.


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