Genre and Myth: Flood Narrative Comparison Activity

  • Re-read the following readings from this unit as they will help you complete this activity:
    • Gilgamesh,Vol. A (95-99)
      • Part 5 “The Story of the Flood” Tablet XI, Vol. A (143-148)
    • The Bible: “Genesis,” Vol. A
      • Chapters 6-9, Vol. A (163-167)
    • Metamorphoses,Vol. A (1073-1076)
      • Book I (Lines 240 – 415) (This portion of the reading is NOT in the textbook)
    • Satapatha Brahmana (This material is NOT in the textbook, but is available online through the web page below)
  • Construct a table similar to the “Creation Myth Comparison” found earlier in the unit.
  • In your table, make comparisons between the flood narratives found in Gilgamesh, Genesis, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and Satapatha Brahmana, .
  • To accomplish this task, use the table function in your word processing program and save the file when you have finished it under a filename, such as FirstInitialLastNameFloodTable (ex: JDavisFloodTable).


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