Gender Based Discrimination

Gender Based Discrimination


•    Your topic is a current problem in the world.  After narrowing down your topic to a specific concern with the problem, your paper would then present two opposing viewpoints, then a compromise between the two viewpoints that would potentially solve the problem.

•    You may if you wish use the same issue that you explored in the first paper.  However, remember that this is a separate paper and different assignment.  Follow instructions for this paper closely.  If you do use the same topic as the first paper, you will be able to condense and revise the first paper to fit only section IV of this paper.  You will still have to conduct new research for the paper and write a considerable amount to cover the rest of the paper.

•    The major thesis for this paper will be the compromise solution that you develop between the two opposing viewpoints which will come near the end of your paper. However, before you get to this compromise, you must present the claim that each opposing side makes.  These will be like mini versions of the thesis in the first paper that we wrote in the class.

•    The paper should have one cohesive voice and tone throughout despite looking at opposing viewpoints.  You should not show bias toward any particular side of the argument. To use the Rogerian arrangement, you must be able to present both sides objectively.  You are not trying to win the argument or convert people to agree with your views; you are trying to get two sides, those who agree with you and those who agree with your opponent, to compromise. You must avoid attacking language that would sound morally superior to your opponent.

•    You should not choose a topic that is so controversial that you will not be able to be objective about it, i.e. religion, abortion, right to life, etc. You want your topic to be one where there is a problem and a variety of solutions, possibly controversial.  You should write your paper looking at two viewpoints (yours and your opponent’s) and try to find a solution you can both agree on.

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