gay marriage

gay marriage

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ANSWER ONE OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN A FORMAL ESSAY FORMAT (INTRO, BODY, AND CONCLUSION). YOU MUST USE THREE (3) SPECIFIC EXAMPLES FROM THE TEXT TO GROUND YOUR ARGUMENTS AND NO LESS THAN THREE (3) OUTSIDE SOURCES, CITATIONS INCLUDED. IMPORTANT: OUR TEXTBOOK IS NOT AN “OUTSIDE SOURCE”; ONLY ONE INTERNET SOURCE IS ACCEPTABLE; WIKIPEDIA, ENCYCLOPEDIAS AND/OR THE DICTIONARY ARE NOT VALID REFERENCES. <!–[if !supportLists]–>1) <!–[endif]–>Using the example of gay marriages, explain and discuss how social influences such as changes in the economy, religion, education, the government, and law affect individual families. <!–[if !supportLists]–>2) <!–[endif]–>Explain and discuss the presence and consequences of racial, ethnic, and gender stereotyping in the mass media. <!–[if !supportLists]–> 3) <!–[endif]–>How are the various dimensions of social class related to differences in health and mortality? <!–[if !supportLists]–> 4) <!–[endif]–>What are some explanations for why voter turnout is so low in the U.S. compared to other wealthy, literate and democratic countries? <!–[if !supportLists]–>5) <!–[endif]–>Describe some of the major political issues that may confront the U.S. and other nations in the twenty-first century. must have citations from the text book Essentials of Sociology ISBN 978-0-393-93237-9 covering CHAPTERS 9-16

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