Gay & Lesbian Parents/Mental Health & Families



Gay & Lesbian Parents

This issue of same sex parenting has received attention with the increased acceptance of gay and lesbian partnerships. However, there has still been debate in the community on whether children ‘need’ both a ‘mother’ and a ‘father’ to make them happy and secure and psychologically healthy. Again, there is a question of what is in a child’s best interests.

Find the latest literature in the area, and develop a case either for or against same sex parenting. As a starting point you may need to consider;
•What does the literature indicate about gay and lesbian parents?
•Is there any evidence to suggest that same sex parents do or do not make good parents?
•Does the literature suggest any positive or detrimental outcomes for children?
•What is the legislation in the area? (Australian legislation)

This is not an opinion piece and your argument must be based on psychological literature and not on philosophical or religious perspectives. Your answer must be guided by the research and literature in the area.

Total word count: 1,100 words
The answer should be succinct and fully referenced (11 references; journal articles, textbooks, government reports, legislation)

Mental Health & Families

Mental illness affects around 20% of Australians every year, but it is treatable. When individuals are suffering from mental illness it often has a ‘ripple effect’ on all other family members (remember the Family Systems Theory!). Different family members are impacted on in different ways depending on the role they play and how much extra care they need to give. To gain a more detailed understanding please complete the following tasks.

•Select a mental illness or disorder (Hint: choose one that is easy to find information on)
•Define the disorder using the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5)
•Consult the literature to understand the impact of the disorder on the individual, and also the way it impacts on the family members
•Explain the legal steps that may need to be taken if the sufferers decision making capacity is diminished (Australian legislation)

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