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1. An introduction: What is the research topic/issue/problem? Why it is important/significant? Create clear research aims and objectives.
(Note: if your proposed research is quantitative, you need to formulate a research hypothesis. If your proposed research is qualitative, you will need to formulate a research question).

2. A literature review summary (note: must be paraphrased) of the most relevant literature from Assignment 1 that presents the existing body of knowledge and the different perspectives of the problem. Comment on the gap identified in the published research.

3. A conceptual framework (e.g. concept map) of how the different concepts and variables in the proposed research are related.

4. Methodology: how best to approach the research (e.g. qualitative, quantitative or using a mixed method). (Note: you might also want to comment on the philosophical paradigm that informs the methodology).

5. Data Collection Tool: what would be the best way to gather the needed data?

6. Sampling method: who would the participants be? Why is this sample the most appropriate?

7. Ethical considerations for the proposed research (note: these must address the design of the research, not the issue being researched).

8. Conclusion: summarise how the proposed research will help address the issue identified in the literature.

9. References (note: APA style for reporting and referencing is compulsory).

A total maximum similarity rating of 20% has been established for assessments, with a 6% maximum similarity from any one source, meaning that the amount of original content in your submission must be 80% or higherless

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