Fun and Fitness Field Day

1. Flyer
Create a 75-125-word flyer that invites families to the Fun and Fitness Field Day. Within the flyer provide the address, time, place, and

all other pertinent information that families will need to know.

2. Design a 100-250-word Fun and Fitness Field Day plan of events appropriate for the young children in your practicum setting that can be

used in your future classroom. Include the following for five fitness activities appropriate for the age group:
Time and location;
Modification for students with special needs; and
Alignment to the Early Learning Physical Development, Health, and Safety Standard


After completing the flyer and event plan, discuss with your classroom teacher the feasibility of what you created.

Write a 250-500-word narrative of the feedback you received from the classroom teacher. Explain the rationale why you chose each standard

and activity.

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