In Class Assignments
A significant component of the class is the tasting and evaluating of a significant number of beverages. From time to time the professor may assign specific assignments in class that will account for a portion of the in class assignment grade.

Additionally, the instructor will periodically (every two weeks if the class schedule warrants) evaluate the quality of the tasting notes being compiled by the student. These evaluations will take place every other week and will account for a portion of the in class assignment grade.
Term Project
Students are required to maintain a compilation of their tasting notes from the class. This compilation will constitute a significant portion of the term project and should be organized as follows:
The tastings should be organized by week.
Each week’s tastings should be preceded by a title page that includes the week, the date, each tasting flight and a list of the items included in each tasting flight.
The original tasting notes should be included.
The tasting notes should be word processed and should include two- to three-sentences summarizing the tasting.

Students are also required to compose a three to five page reflection paper discussing the tastings in which they participated, their thoughts on each tasting and an overall reflection on the course.

Each term project should be presented in a file folder with a title page to include class name, student name, instructor name, and date.

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