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Foundations in Theory

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Type: Individual Project
Unit: Foundations in Theory
Deliverable Length: PPT presentation, 10–15 slides + speaker notes, including references.

You are the CEO of a 200-bed acute care facility and are challenged with the mandates of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) 2010. More specifically, you must lead your institution in changing reimbursement processes from fee-for-services to bundled payments.
•In a PowerPoint presentation of 10–15 slides, identify and discuss the best and the least-effective leadership approaches to implement a process change within your finance department.

Your presentation should cover the following points (Lazerow, 2011):
•History of PPACA 2010
•How bundle payments are processed
•How health care facilities price their services
•How this service was established
•What benefits this has for the health care facility
•How physicians and hospitals determine better patient services, lower costs, and increase quality of patient encounters
•Halo or spillover effect

Include the following in your PowerPoint presentation:
•Speaker notes
•Cover page


Lazerow, R. (2011). The top questions about Medicare’s bundled payment program: You asked. We answered. The Daily Briefing. Retrieved from

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