Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Please read the template i uploaded carefully before doing the formatting in the research file and make sure to follow all instruction below
  2. Please ensure that all of your references are following the same style. A journal or conference paper must have page numbers. The title of paper must be between ” “. The title of journal must be italic, The year must be at the end of the reference or at the beginning, etc. Complete all information for all references.
  3. Please add page numbers for the list of tables and figures.
  4. Double check the page numbers in the table of content.
  5. Fully justify all of your report. Some paragraphs are left justified!!
  6. Some paragraphs starts with indentation and some are not!! remove indentations.
  7. Red section in page 26-28 needs to be modified so every thing is within the allowed margin. Make it consistent with other previous sections.
  8. Always respect the margins. Some tables and figures are out of margins ..modify them so every thing is within margins. If necessary, you can put some figures and tables in landscape pages.


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