Forensic studies




There are four threaded discussions (forums) provided and accessed via the Discussion Board Link on the left hand main menu. You must participate in two of the four discussions and you must make a minimum of two contributions in each (so a total of four postings across two discussions. The first must respond to the original statement posted by me. Your contribution must be scholarly and include in-text reference to relevant literature as well as a reference list.

Your second contribution must be in response to a fellow student’s contribution and again must be academic with reference to your readings.

Each posting must be no more than 250 words +/- 10% without penalty. Whilst it is important to name the student’s contribution you are responding to, it is not acceptable to make any derogatory or personal comments about the student. Focus on the academic/legal argument of the discussion. The combined value of your four postings to the discussion board is 10% and will be graded at the end of the semester.


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