For this project, you will interpret and analyze the financial statements for a fictional organization, Soda Pop Organics, Inc.

For this project, you will interpret and analyze the financial statements for a fictional
organization, Soda Pop Organics, Inc. You will analyze the organization’s statement of cash
flow, balance sheet, and income statement. In order to do this, we have provided you with an
Excel spreadsheet that includes the company’s financial statements. We have also included a
PowerPoint presentation outlining the company’s annual report. You must download these two
files in order to complete this project.
In a formatted financial report, you will describe in detail the financial statements and current
financial position of Soda Pop Organics, Inc. As you complete this assignment, be sure to
include relevant information about Soda Pop Organics, Inc. such as background, mission, and
products relative to their financial health and future projections.
Your report will include the following sections:
Section I: Cover page, table of contents, and report objective
 In a formatted financial report, the following sections must be included: a cover page that
includes the company name and year reported (excluding your name), the content
contained in your report (i.e. the table of contents, which should identify all major
sections 2-6 listed below), and one paragraph detailing the purpose of the report (i.e. the
objective, explaining the purpose and ratio data to be analyzed).
Section II: Provide a summary of the organization’s background, mission, and product lines
 The summary section of the report asks you to describe Soda Pop Organics, Inc. You
will explain the ratio data to be presented as well as the industry and product variety sold by Soda Pop Organics, Inc. To complete this summary, you will use the spreadsheet
and PowerPoint presentation provided to you.
Section III: Provide a summary of the organization’s outlook and future investments
 The summary of the organization’s future outlook should identify products in
development, the organizational strategy for future growth, and any new markets or
acquisition of factories, farms, etc. that the organization has in development and which
are identified in the PowerPoint presentation.
Section IV: Provide a summary of revenue, assets, liabilities, and shareholder’s equity
 Using the supplied financial reports, create a one-page summary of total revenue,
assets, liabilities, and shareholder’s equity. This information should be presented with a
short explanation of each category and what the numbers mean from the perspective of
major stakeholders such as investors, shareholders, and senior management.
Section V: Calculate the liquidity ratios, financial leverage ratios, and profitability ratios
 Use the financial statements Excel file in order to calculate the following ratios
Liquidity Ratios: Financial Leverage Ratios: Profitability Ratios:
‐ Current Ratio – Debt Ratio -Gross Profit Margin
‐ Quick Ratio – Debt-to-Equity Ratio – Return on Assets
‐ Cash Ratio – Return on Equity
Section VI: Provide an observations section that addresses the following three content areas
1. Explain the financial ratios by detailing the relevancy, interpretation, and what
each ratio means relative to the financial health, investor perspective, and
stakeholder perspective.
2. How does Soda Pop Organic, Inc. financial strategy encourage future growth?
Discuss any issues or challenges in the organization’s financial health and how
this might impact future growth.
3. What recommendations would you make to Soda Pop Organics, Inc. for the
future? What information would encourage or discourage investment from
outside sources?

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