For this assignment, students will synthesize their understanding of Sustainable Design principles

For this assignment, students will synthesize their understanding of Sustainable Design principles, including social justice, environmental stewardship, ethics, and economics. Students will demonstrate their understanding by creating a “Sustainable Design Manifesto”, declaring their personal guidelines for designing sustainable buildings. manifesto (noun): a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its


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principle (noun): A rule or code of conduct (2) : habitual devotion to right principles

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Professional (CIDA) Standards

Standard 1 a, b, c, d
Standard 2 a, b
Standard 6 c
Standard 14 a

Assignment Objectives – Students will demonstrate the following skills

Demonstrate the student’s understanding of the history and theories of Sustainable Design
Identify and describe the designer’s ethical obligation and responsibility to create environments that

protect, manage, and renew the natural environment while contributing to our quality of life
APA citation standards for intellectual and visual information sources.
Create presentations using the hierarchical ordering principle to organize information.
Layout text and images for ease of accessibility and understanding.
Self-assess content and layout design through a reflective rationale exercise that evaluates what they



Review the required reading for this week, in particular The Philosophy of Sustainable Design by John


Identify five or more PRINCIPLES of Sustainable Design that you consider most important to you, and

create a concise, descriptive summary for each. Each summary will be numbered. Begin the document with

a short description as to the purpose of writing the document and a one sentence introduction to the

sustainable principles.

For each summary, write an explanation of 200+ words. Each explanation should describe:

Why the principle is crucial to the wellbeing of humans / our planet
What goal you hope to achieve by applying the principle to your design projects.
How, specifically and concretely, the principle is to be applied to your design projects (what actions

should be taken).
Include one or more of the topics; social justice, environmental stewardship, ethics, and economics

within each summarized principle.

Follow APA guidelines to properly credit original sources/authors for ideas you are quoting from, or

deriving your ideas from.

Once you have completed the above, write a 1-page rationale describing the choices you made in

interpreting these instructions. Include: how you decided which Sustainable Design principles were

important enough to include in the document, the challenge of creating five unique statements, and any

advice you’d give to others before starting this assignment.

Save your Manifesto and Rationale as a single Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file, using the following

naming convention:

DIDE260_Assignment1_yourlastname_yourfirstname.pdf (or .doc).

Sustainable Design principles

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