Food Ethnography

Assignment Requirements

Food Ethnography

Field Notes Write-Up

1) Take the “jottings” you made during 1.5 hours of observation and type them into an expanded narrative of what you observed (This means that you should write descriptive text of what you observed. You must write in complete sentences). The minimum length for this part of the assignment is 2 single-spaced pages of text. You may include photographs at the end of the document, but these are optional and do not count toward the page requirement. [Begin text here] Analysis

2) Perform a preliminary analysis. First, read through your narrative. Identify 4 of your observations of behaviors and/or activities and connect them to themes of food and culture that we have covered in course modules. These themes can be concepts, theories or observations, etc. Discuss each paired observation-theme below in a separate paragraph (4-5 sentences) and cite relevant course materials within your answers as in-text citations using APA format (In-text Citations). One of your four citations may come from a course video, but at least 3 must come from course readings. Include a list of all your references below (see 2a).
Observation 1:
Observation 2:
Observation 3:
Observation 4:

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