The assessment will be based on the following key points, which must therefore be covered in your reports.
a Summary: must include brief statements on the following:
i. Topic investigated and its significance in chemical engineering.
ii. Objectivesofthelabstudy.
iii Equipment used
iv Key results
v Main conclusions
vi What you have learned from the lab study.
b Introduction
i. Background, including theory and the impo1iance of the topic investigated in chemical engineering
and!or petroleum engineering.
ii. Objectives oflab study(mustbe stated inintroduction aswell assummary)
c Experimental Equipment
i. Drawing showing layout of equipment
ii. Brief description indicating any special features, capacities, range, make and
type (DoNot copythelabsheet).
d Experimental Procedure and Observations
i. Description of procedure, indicating measurements taken.
ii. Observations made during investigation, making note of any problems encountered which may have affected
e Results and Calculations
i. Tabulate all results/measurements obtained during lab study.
ii. Tabulateallcalculatedresults.Showsamplecalculationsforeachtype calculatedresult.
f Discussion of Results
Discuss al results, making sure you address each objective in the light of your experiments. For each
objective explain the underlying theory or the expectations of established literature. Discuss any
discrepancies between your results and theory, indicating possible reasons. If your results did not agree with
theory or literature, explain why and indicate what the underlying theory orliterature says about the correct
results that should have shown. Use this section to demonstrate that you have understood the topic you
investigated and its significance in chemical engineering and/or petroleum engineering; explain what you
have learned as aresult ofcarrying out the study.
g Conclusions
For each objective, make a clear conclusion (precise statement) in the light of your results and discussions,
indicating whether your coriclusion agrees with theory or established literature.
h References
List all references that you have used and cited in your report.

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