Floodplain Management

Assignment covering Evacuation Management
1) Briefly describe the NSW emergency planning framework and the SES planning process. Explain how flood warning systems and flood intelligence databases are used to in evacuation management planning and operations. Describe the role of community education in enhancing preparedness for evacuation of communities during flood.
2) Evacuation Time Modelling based on Nevagazunda.
Develop an evacuation strategy for the town of Nevagazunda in the event of a 100 year ARI (1% AEP) flood. Based on this strategy develop an evacuation timeline. Use the data available in the Nevagazunda (Part 1) exercise to develop the time line. Assume that all bridges will have 1 lane operational for evacuation during floods and 600 cars can pass per hour per lane. State any assumptions that you make.
Make recommendations to increase the evacuation time available.
The entire assignment must be submitted as a single report in Word or PDF format. You may submit a printed version in class. This assignment is worth 25% of the total assessment load for this subject.

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