Assignment 1 – Team Research Project                              



20% (15% for the report and 5% for the presentation) for each member

Due: Report before 9 Oct 2015 11:59 PM via Turnitin

Powerpoint presentation before 12 PM one day before the first presentation in the respective tutorial they are registered by email to [email protected]

Presentations will occur in the week starting 12 October 2015 and 19 October 2015

Each student’s work should be clearly identified by labeling their name along with subtitles. Further information will be released within a week to guide your project. The probing questions are guide only. You need to include more information and different aspects from the literature (newspaper, thesis, reliable websites (not Wikipedia), scholarly journals from Sciencedirect, Google scholar or other databases). Scholarly journals are available from UWS library database. You must gather information from the scholarly journals and use/cite them in your report/presentation to obtain a pass mark. Simple reference to an already written book or website is not sufficient. A detailed literature search/review and covering of many different angles will lead to high distinction. One report for each team should be submitted both as an A4-size bound report with Assignment Coversheet and as a soft copy in Turnitin. The bound report should include the Turnitin report. You are to also present orally summarising your findings of literature search.



Written Research Report


Word limit: 1500 words per team member (±10%), so if yours is a team of 3, then your word limit is 4500±10%. Use graphics such as drawings, story boards, and tables to present information succinctly and to keep within the prescribed word limit. Word limit does not include cover pages, table of contents, tables, figures or reference lists. Word limit does include all headings, in-text references and quotations.

Academic writing: Quotations are not encouraged. Write in third person as much as possible.

Document Structure: Suggested number of words based on 3 team members (If your team has less members only the section three will reduce).


Executive Summary (150 words)
Table of Contents


  1. Abstract: 250 words, include general importance in the first sentence and summary of your findings and summary conclusions. All team members would contribute- even if it is a single member the word limit remains the same.
  2. Introduction: 750 words (starting with the general importance identify any issues aspects that needs to be understood by you (subtopics of each member) by gradually arguing for it and finally conclude that these three aspects (subtopics) needs to be understood and set this as your objectives.
  3. Subtopics: Proper justification citing appropriate and credible literature (minimum of 10-15 peer reviewed reference per member). Illustrate as necessary and critically analyse the literature. (950*3 words, each member writes 950 words with clear labelling of the team member).
    • Subtopic 1 (Name of Team member 1)
    • Subtopic 2 (Name of Team member 2)
    • Subtopic 3 (Name of Team member 3)


  1. Recommendation for further research: Identify the issues that are not understood so far in relation to your works and separately identify at least one question for each member. (250 words)
  2. Conclusions: (250 words).




Appendix: Turnitin report; and Mind maps



Formatting Guide: Section headings should be in Times New Roman 14 pt bold; Sub headings and captions to figures and tables should be Times New Roman 12 pt bold; text Times New Roman 12 pt; paragraphs are fully justified and single-spaced; Spacing between paragraph should be 12 pt, margins should be 2.54 cm in all sides.


Numbering Tables and Figures: All figures and tables are to be numbered in the document Figure 1; Figure 2… and Table 1; Table 2 etc in chronological order. Figure and table numbers should be cited in-text. Example: “There is a large increase in population (Figure 1).” When used as a caption, make sure they are in bold 12 pt.





Please prepare 12 slides maximum (4 slides per member) and clearly lay out with major point you want to communicate. Your report should be reflected in the presentation (Introduction, Subtopics, Recommendation for further research and Conclusions). Your presentation will last 4 min per member and will be followed by 1 min question and answer session.

Presentation order will be decided by the tutor and will be posted on the vUWS in Week 12.

Assessment Criteria How You’ll be Marked
Marks will be assigned following the marking distribution and assignment standards set out below, but failure to adhere to the Harvard referencing guide (more than three mistakes) or lack of evidence of the use of 10-15 credible peer reviewed references in individual work in Section 3 will lead to an F grade from the assignment irrespective of team component.


Written Communication: structure, English expression, Harvard style referencing, editing.


Visual Communication: layout, appropriate use and quality of images, clarity and professionalism of graphic communications used to explain solutions.

Oral communication: You should confidently present without looking at notes and with good eye contact with the audience. Looking at notes during delivery of the speech would lead to an F grade for presentation and would be asked to stop in the midway.


Depth of Research: demonstrated understanding of the problem context, quality of analysis of literature investigated; & quality, application, and range of research sources used.


Coherence: coherence of the members work



Table1: Marking distribution

Criteria Report Presentation
Written Communication 30 10
Visual Communication 10 20
Oral communication 50
Depth of Research 50 10
Coherence of the members work 10 10




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