This assignment has two purposes. First, it allows you to learn more about a current research topic in Finance that you find interesting. Second, it helps you learn how to find legitimate sources of information in professional and practitioner-oriented journals.
First, choose a topic that interests you–any recent article from the top 3 finance journals (Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, and Journal of Financial Economics) is fair game.
You need to select three possible articles from the latest 3 years of the A+ journals in Finance. To find an appropriate article, you should use the library’s on-line search engine (such as EBSCO Host) and databases. You will submit via email your article selections to me, and I will assign the single article for your papers on a first-come, first-serve basis to make sure no students are using the same article.
You should limit your search to Full Text Articles and Scholarly Journals. It is very important that you limit your search to scholarly journals as this should only bring up professional journals.
Articles from other sources, such as magazines, newspapers, or websites are not acceptable for this assignment.
1) What is the topic of the paper and why is this topic important?
Purpose & Hypothesis
2) What is the purpose of the research described in the article? What are the authors trying to find out? What is their research hypothesis or research question(s), such as in case of an observation?
3) What research methods do the authors use in their research? Briefly describe the research methods, data collection, and the ways the authors perform their tests.
4) Summarize what the authors discovered in their research. What were the results?
Discussion and Conclusions
5) Discuss what these findings mean. What do the authors conclude about their results?
6) What do you think about this article personally? What did you learn by reading this article?
Author(s) of article. (Publication Year). Title of article. Journal Name, [volume] #([issue] #), from page # to page #. doi: # or AN: Accession #.
The article review should be at least 3 FULL pages in length, typed, and single-spaced.


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