Final Technical Report

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Final Technical Report Explanations:
This is the Final Technical Report for my capstone class. The Final Technical Report is = deliverable#1 + deliverable#2 + Project Management(witch’s we have not done it yet). Our project is to create a glove for Asphalt Glove & Cat bite. We have done deliverable#1 & #2. I’ll attached deliverable#1 & #2 with comment from our teacher. In deliverable#1 we only had one idea of glove witch’s wrote Asphalt Glove at that time, but In deliverable#2 we were asked to do 2 ideas of glove (Asphalt Glove & Cat bite) and we wrote about Asphalt Glove & Cat bite glove in deliverable#2. I’ll also attached the instructions of Final Technical Report file for this capstone class. In the instructions file, Please focus on Minimal Content Requirement for Technical Report. Those requirement are 11 points. Point number 6 is the instruction for deliverable#1(6. Problem Definition Solution Criteria) & point number 7 is the instruction for deliverable#2(7. Conceptual Design). Point number 8 is for Project Management. The rest points of easy to do for you but number 6, 7 & 8 are the most mian thing for the Final Technical Report.

Order instructions for the writer:
First: read the the instructions of Final Technical Report file completely.
Second: read deliverable#1and deliverable #2 and check the comments from our teacher.
Third: after you read deliverable#1and deliverable #2, fix the mistakes that we did base on the comments from our teacher and put them in one file. This editing should take 6 pages but the total number of deliverable #1 & #2 could be more than 15 pages.
Forth: write 3 pages about Project Management and l’ll attached an example of the Final Technical Report but for different project so you can know how it should be.
Fifth: at the end, you only need to write about point number 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10(references) in your paper. the rest of point l can write them.


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