Final Research Report

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

your research report should be double-spaced, 8-12 pages (excluding title page and table of contents), adhering to APA 6th edition, and following the outline below:
Title of Research Study
Table of Contents
Introduction (4-5 pages)
Background and Rationale – why are you interested in this topic? What’s the relevance to the real-world problem as related to organizational behavior?
Problem statement – what specific issue or concern do you plan to address? How will this study help close the knowledge gaps in the field of your interest?
Purpose/Objectives of study
Empirical research questions to be answered
Specific hypotheses to be tested and the variables involved – independent (predictor) vs. dependent variables (criterion); mediating vs. moderating variables
Literature Review (2-3 pages)
Sources/databases & search criteria for literature review
Citations, analysis & synthesis of 2 journal articles
Conclusion (2-3 pages)
Summary of findings and the significance
Limitations of your study
Opportunities for future study
List of References

Evaluation of the report will be based on the following:

The topic of inquiry is well conceptualized with a strong theoretical basis,
The research question is empirical (answerable),
The hypothesis is clearly articulated,
The studies included in literature review were carefully critiqued for validity and significance,
The analysis of findings was convincing,
The conclusions was logical and objective with both limitations and opportunities,
The writing is grammatically correct.

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